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Our Mission

Bridging Dreams
to Reality.

The de Moya Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that is committed to creating employment opportunities for young adults with unique abilities by building long term partnerships with the employers and providing support for the employees. We foster hope, confidence and independence to ensure successful employment outcomes and community inclusion.
Special Needs Employment Support in Miami, FL

Employer Partnerships

Partner with The de Moya Foundation and inspire our community to open its doors and demonstrate the capabilities of young adults with developmental disabilities!

Individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities are the largest minority group in the U.S. with the highest unemployment rate despite their ability to be valuable assets.

Our unique approach builds on creating effective, communicative relationships with Employer Partners to reduce the perceived obstacles of hiring individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities by providing the guidance and tools needed to drive positive change in our community.

Together we can bridge the path to a brighter future, advance the disability employment movement, ensure greater outcomes and success for your business, for the employees, and enhance financial growth in our community.

Support for Employers and Employees

We use a model of on-going support for both the employer and employee to foster a platform that will encourage long-term, meaningful employment for young adults. This model aligns with the evidence-based practice of Customized Employment (CE), which is an employment strategy that matches the unique skills, and interests of an individual with the specific needs of the employer.

Benefits for Employers

  • Disability awareness and sensitivity training for staff
  • Tax credits and deductions
  • Support for staff throughout the employment process
  • Seen more favorably by consumers
  • The public would prefer to give their business to companies that hire people with disabilities
  • Reduce recruitment and turnover costs
  • Gain more efficient work processes and overall increase in productivity

Benefits for Employees

  • Customized and Intensive Job Coaching and skills training
  • Assistance with matching employees strengths to employer’s needs
  • Appropriate workplace social skills coaching
  • Personal guidance in and out of workplace
  • Continual follow-up support to ensure job retention
  • Access the DMF Stay Connected Platform
  • Attend DMF Virtual Classes such as Driving Education and Money Management
  • Exclusive Access to DMF Academy Workshops and Guest Speakers
  • Participate in a variety of Special Olympic sports
  • Private counseling with Mental Health Practitioner
  • Power-up for Jobs monthly sessions
  • Attend Mingles – the foundations Socializing Events
  • Become part of The de Moya Foundation family

DMF Employment Opportunities is a Certified Business Technical Assistance and Consultation vendor of supported self-employment and a proud employment service provider of the Florida Division of Vocational Rehabilitation!

The Foundation will collaborate with educational institutions, not for profit organizations, families, and the business community to provide the educational, employment, and financial support for young adults with special needs to obtain and maintain jobs.

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