The de Moya Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that is committed to creating employment opportunities for young adults with unique abilities by building long term partnerships with the employers and providing support for the employees. We foster hope, confidence and independence to ensure successful employment outcomes and community inclusion.

The de Moya Foundation is looking to hire an Office Support Specialist that would be responsible for providing administrative support and assistance to their staff. The Office Support Specialist operates as the organization’s gatekeeper.


The foundation provides:


Employment Initiative Project
Employment Support Fund
Power-up for Jobs

The de Moya Foundation has a total of 58 young adults with unique abilities employed and 23 preparing for employment.

Over the last few months, we have stayed busy as we put behind us the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s no news that the unemployment rate throughout the U.S. sky-rocketed. Thousands were severely affected by this drastic setback. Now, think of the thousands of individuals who already had difficult times finding employment — this is why we exist. The de Moya Foundation’s goal is to ensure no one is left behind or forgotten.

Thanks to our resilient efforts during the pandemic, we have been able to strengthen our employer partnerships and have developed new jobs within local businesses in Miami. When it comes down to businesses, it’s simply a win-win for everyone. The support the employer receives for their new team member can make all the difference in having a profitable year.





Proud employment service vendor of the Florida Division of Vocational Rehabilitation.

Bridging Dreams to Reality!



Employer Partnerships

The foundation will collaborate with educational institutions, not for profit organizations, families, and the business community to provide the educational, employment, and financial support for young adults with special needs to obtain and maintain jobs.

Employment Support Fund

Employees supported by the Foundation’s Employment Initiative Project who experience a hardship are eligible to receive financial assistance associated to maintaining employment.

Together, we are changing lives and Bridging Dreams to Reality!

Special thank you to our Grantors.

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