Miami Corporate Games purpose is to demonstrate to the community that all challenges are conquerable when faced together.

October 13th, 2018

The de Moya Foundation exists because challenges exist. We want to bring together community organizations to empower their teams through fast-paced courses, and to change societies perspective about individuals with developmental disabilities such as; Autism, Down syndrome, Intellectual Disability and Cerebral Palsy via first-hand interaction.

Join us with the entire family at the Miami Corporate Games as we provide an enjoyable experience outside the workplace for your business. Solidify your team by creating unforgettable memories competing and engaging in a series of courses which include challenges such as the “Blind Coffee Break” and the “Final Deadline”. All activities will stimulate co-worker interaction and increase morale. When you’re not breaking a sweat, enjoy the company of fellow organizations in the community with great food and live entertainment.

The best part is that your company is fulfilling a social responsibility by contributing to an amazing cause. You will make young adults with unique abilities a part of your TEAM!

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